Florida man accused of white collar crime re identity theft

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A man in Florida may not be who everyone thinks he is; almost everyone, that is. His current wife, son and neighbors all received a huge shock recently when they learned that he was being accused of a white collar crime. Law enforcement authorities claim that the man has been living under a stolen identity for the past 20 years.

Authorities say that the man was married and divorced, once, in another state. After that, he allegedly married again and had two children with that wife. At some point, that woman claims her husband just walked off one day, abandoning their life together.

That same man is recently said to have been found living in Florida as a married man with a teenage son. He owns several homes and rents out those in which he himself does not live. Neighbors say their landlord is the nicest guy one would ever want to meet.

However,  authorities tracked him down and contacted him after a young man doing ancestry research claimed he believed someone had stolen his deceased uncle’s identity. When police questioned the Florida man about it, he allegedly admitted he had run away from his former life because he feared failure. The 63-year-old has also been accused (by one of his allegedly former wives) of embezzling more than $1 million. A Florida sheriff said the man is charged with the white collar crime of identity theft; however, he also stated that federal authorities have been contacted and he suspects additional charges will be forthcoming. Penalties for conviction of identity theft are often quite severe; therefore, it is typically in one’s best interests to act alongside skilled and aggressive defense assistance when facing such charges in court.

Source: ktla.com, “Florida Man Faked Identity for 20 Years After 2 Failed Marriages, Duped Current Wife: Authorities“, July 22, 2016

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