Building a strong defense against federal drug trafficking

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Various laws govern drug-related crimes in Florida. Federal drug trafficking tends to be prosecuted quite aggressively. Anyone facing such charges will want to begin immediately building a strong defense in the hope of minimizing the potential negative consequences the situation might have on one’s future.

Part of building a strong defense typically involves retaining experienced guidance, preferably from an attorney who has successfully defended other high profile cases. Penalties for conviction of certain drug charges, especially those involving substantial amounts of cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine, can be very severe. An experienced criminal attorney would be able to review a situation and determine what type of defense would be best to increase the chances of a positive outcome in court.

Some who have faced federal drug charges in the past have been able to challenge evidence against them when their attorneys determined that proper authority had not been sought, or other regulations were deviated from during search and seizure procedures. Others have voided conviction by holding that the drugs of which they had been alleged to have possession actually belonged to someone else. These are just two types of many defense options through which successful outcomes can be achieved.

If convicted of federal drug trafficking in Florida, a person may face future challenges and obstacles when seeking gainful employment or trying to rent or buy a home. By relying on an experienced criminal defense lawyer for guidance, a defendant may be able to avoid such consequences. Many people stand to lose much when accused of serious drug crimes, but they may improve their situations by allowing a successful attorney to act on their behalves in court.

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