Federal drug trafficking bust occurs while sheriff is interviewed

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

It appears there have been several arrests made in the same neighborhood, just days apart. A Florida sheriff was apparently being interviewed by a reporter outside a home, when other law enforcement agents arrived and moved in for an alleged drug bust. Reportedly, federal drug trafficking seems to be a problem in this particular area.

The sheriff was being interviewed about a reported drug raid that had happened at a nearby house on a recent Friday. As the reporter spoke with the sheriff outside that same house four days later, officers went inside again and claim to have walked in while drug deals were going down. Officers also say there were children inside the home whose hygiene appeared to have been neglected.

The agents say they found cocaine, methamphetamine and pills during the first raid that occurred after a lengthy investigation. At least two dozen were arrested that day. The drug task force then went to another home in the same neighborhood after the second raid. They claim to have found more drugs, weapons and children. They also arrested a man they said was connected with the other alleged drug house.

When police make under cover purchases during federal drug trafficking investigations, then make an arrest and file charges, the person who stands accused has every right to fight against the accusations. It often takes an aggressive defense to obtain a positive outcome. For this and many other reasons, anyone facing such charges in Florida is advised to seek immediate counsel from an experienced attorney.

Source: wptv.com, “Second drug bust within days at Fort Pierce drug house”, Tory Dunnan, July 26, 2016

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