Fighting federal drug trafficking charges in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

There is a lot at stake when the federal government files charges against a person in Florida or elsewhere. Particularly in situations involving federal drug trafficking allegations, a man or woman who becomes a suspect risks damaging his or her reputation, and he or she will likely face serious penalties if convicted in court. Typically, a key factor toward minimizing the potential negative effects such a situation may have on one’s future hinges upon aggressive and experienced criminal defense assistance.

The law firm of Frank A. Rubino, Esq., has addressed many high-profile situations for clients from throughout the state of Florida. Whether you are facing charges at the state or federal level, retaining assistance from an attorney who has obtained successful results in both courts may help you achieve a more positive outcome. It is sometimes possible for an attorney to help a client avoid incarceration even if a conviction is handed down, depending on individual circumstances.

Drug-related incidents often include other allegations as well. For instance, weapons violations or traffic offenses may be part of situations that lead to the filing of drug charges. Federal prosecutors tend to be very aggressive in their pursuits of convictions in such cases; therefore, building a strong defense and acting alongside experienced counsel may increase one’s chances of obtaining a favorable ruling.

Anyone accused of federal drug trafficking in Florida who is unsure of how best to proceed to fight against those charges in court may contact the law firm of Frank A. Rubino, Esq., for guidance. For more than three decades, Mr. Rubino has offered sound counsel and effective representation to clients charged with serious criminal offenses related to illicit drug activity. Those accused are advised to remember that mere allegations do not constitute guilt, and all options available may be used to counter the strategies and tactics which may be used against them during criminal proceedings.

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