Agents say man gave federal drug trafficking advice to others

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An incident occurred in Florida recently that involves millions of dollars and a number of accusations regarding drug-related activities. One man has been accused of federal drug trafficking and money laundering. He has also been charged with several other felonies after police paid a visit to his home.

Law enforcement agents say they overheard the man giving advice to marijuana growers who were arrested for their alleged crimes. They conducted a search of both his business and his private residence. Afterward, they loaded a pickup truck full of orange buckets they claim to have discovered in a hidden room inside his house; the buckets were supposedly filled with millions in cash money.

Authorities say it took narcotics officers more than a day to count the money they found in the buckets. All-told, they say there was at least $22 million in the containers. Officials claim the money was laundered through a marijuana trafficking scheme.

The 44-year-old man who lives in the house also owns an indoor gardening supply business in the community. Police say they believe the business caters to marijuana growers, although it appears to be legally owned and run. The court has set a $3 million bond for the man’s release from jail.

The police department involved in the investigation has issued a formal request, asking that the millions in cash be given to the government through forfeiture proceedings. Acting alongside criminal defense guidance, the Florida resident has entered a not-guilty plea in court. Often, a positive outcome regarding federal drug trafficking charges or other drug-related incidents hinges upon aggressive and experienced defense representation.

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