Agents seize plane in federal drug trafficking investigation

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

A plane supposedly worth more than $500,000 dollars was recently seized by federal agents. Authorities claim the plane belongs to a well-known drug trafficker and that it was used to transport cocaine to the United States from other countries, leading to the federal drug trafficking charges. The plane’s supposed owner was allegedly living as a fugitive outside of Florida for 20 years before police working together from several countries caught up with him.

Daniel Barerra Barrera, also known as “El Loco,” was arrested in another country in 2012 for alleged drug crimes. Federal agents say his reported cartel was one of the most vast and brutal drug rings in history. Apparently on the run from charges filed in Colombia in 1990, the accused drug lord was said to have undergone plastic surgery to conceal his true identity. He also supposedly attempted to get rid of his own fingerprints by burning himself.

Papers were filed recently to officially seize the propeller aircraft that agents claim Barrera used to smuggle drugs. Apparently, the process was carried out via a civil complaint that allowed law enforcement to acquire the plane through the forfeiture of assets. The alleged drug kingpin who officers accused of running drugs through the use of the aircraft is currently behind bars.

It sometimes happens that incarcerated persons convicted of federal drug trafficking, or those being held in jail to await trial, find themselves further implicated when federal agents locate new evidence or file additional charges in connection with a particular incident. An experienced defense attorney can advise a client on how to best to proceed to address such matters. A Florida defendant may request a meeting with defense counsel before, during or at any given point following an arrest.

Source:, “Feds Seize $600,000 Propeller Plane in Miami From Notorious Colombian Drug Lord“, Jerry Iannelli, July 12, 2016

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