Florida white collar crime involves finance manager

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A Florida police officer recently explained that when someone is purchasing an automobile and fills out documentation that includes personal information, the car dealer finance manager gains possession of that information once a customer leaves the office. In a recent case, a man employed in such a position has been accused of white collar crime, using customer information to make fraudulent purchases by phone. Reports indicate that it is not the first time the man has been accused of this type of criminal activity.

Authorities say that the 39-year-old man in question used customers’ credit card information that had been filed in the process of purchasing a vehicle from the dealership where he worked to purchase items over the telephone for his personal use. It has been alleged that a phone call from a department store prompted the police investigation in the case. The man reportedly made a series of purchases from June through the beginning of Sept. 2015.

Investigating officers claim that they recovered a substantial amount of newly purchased items at the man’s residence. These items included a very expensive pair of tennis shoes. He was arrested and now faces several charges, including organized scheme to defraud, aggravated white collar crime and criminal use of personal identification.

Currently, the man is being held without bond. In Florida and all other states, a person accused of white collar crime has a number of important rights, including he right to legal counsel. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual case, an experienced criminal lawyer would be able to offer guidance as to how one might best proceed in light of the charges against him or her.

Source: CBS Miami, “Car Dealer Finance Manager Accused Of Fraud“, Todd Scouten, Sept. 11, 2015

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