Florida among states involved in federal drug trafficking case

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2015 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Ten people were recently arrested in Florida and several other states in connection with a drug-related case. The group of people are accused of being part of a federal drug trafficking ring. The drugs that were allegedly being trafficked were steroids.

In four of the most recent arrests, law enforcement officials say that, during their investigation, they discovered lab equipment, syringes and liquid and powdered steroids, as well as packaging items used for postal delivery. Several of those involved have pleaded not guilty to the federal charges against them. Charges include conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids and international money laundering.

The charges filed carry very serious penalties under conviction. Typically, merely being arrested and charged with drug-related crimes can have an immediate and long-lasting negative effect on one’s private and business reputation. The legal system can be very complex and facing felony charges can be confusing and intimidating to those involved.

Anyone who has been charged with federal drug trafficking or other drug felonies in Florida has the right to retain legal representation in the matter. An experienced criminal lawyer would be able to address any questions or concerns one who is facing charges might have. The attorney would also be able to help determine what options might be available in obtaining as positive an outcome as possible in a case. An attorney would act as a personal advocate and speak on behalf of a defendant in court. A first logical step to take would be to seek a consultation with an attorney after an arrest has been made or charges filed.

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