Multiple arrests made in Florida white collar crime case

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On a recent Wednesday night, multiple arrests were made in conjunction with a suspected fraud ring in Florida. The white collar crime suspects were apprehended at two different locations. The total number of persons arrested in the case was seven.

Law enforcement officials claim that more than 100 stolen credit cards were discovered, along with approximately $55,000 in cash. Police have alleged that those involved made fraudulent purchases using stolen credit card numbers. Authorities claim that after making the allegedly fraudulent purchases, the group resold the items at a discount amounting to 60 percent less than their actual values.

Thousands of dollars in merchandise was also reportedly found at one of the locations, as well as a firearm, which was then seized by police. It was reported that two of the people arrested in this case are married to each other and that they are the parents of one child. Authorities say that they made arrangements for the child to be taken into temporary custody by relatives of the couple. A court date has been scheduled for all seven people arrested in the case.

A white collar crime conviction in Florida carries potentially severe consequences. Being arrested or charged with a crime does not, however, constitute guilt. Every person is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. Therefore, it is typically prudent to seek immediate legal consultation as soon as possible after an arrest so that the person charged may retain a legal advocate to act on his or her behalf in order to pursue the most positive outcome possible in his or her case.

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