Tax Evasion

Investigations into financial crimes such as tax fraud are complex. Errors can easily be made that incriminate a person or a company in tax evasion without any crime actually occurring, or to a much lesser degree of wrongdoing or error. Tax evasion is a federal crime. If you are convicted on charges of tax evasion, you will pay with both money and time in prison.

For effective defense, attorney Frank Rubino has decades of experience and a track record of success. He will fight to level the playing field and protect your future. To discuss your case with an experienced lawyer, schedule a consultation by calling 866-718-3994.

Trust Your Defense To An Experienced Federal Tax Crimes Lawyer

Frank Rubino has a national and international reputation for sophisticated defense in complex and high-profile white collar crime cases. He has successfully handled an impressive array of large-scale cases for clients who could not afford to lose. From his home office in Miami, Florida, Mr. Rubino limits his practice to only the most serious federal criminal charges.

Understanding Tax Evasion Charges

Federal law enforcement finds tax evasion easier to charge than other criminal activities, so tax evasion is frequently one among a number of criminal charges brought in a case. Other charges can include fraud, public corruption and even high-level drug crimes.

Tax evasion charges can also arise from legitimate business activities. Failing to file a tax return, failing to report income in an offshore account, fraudulent tax shelters, inflating deductions and charitable contributions, underreporting income — these are all forms of tax fraud.

Amnesty And Other Defenses

The U.S. government has granted a period of amnesty under the IRS voluntary disclosure program for people who come forward to pay taxes for income they did not previously declare. If you wish to come forward, Mr. Rubino will work to help you avoid criminal charges. When needed, Mr. Rubino works in association with accountants and tax attorneys to resolve any underlying tax dispute, bringing you into compliance with U.S. tax laws.

Effective Defense Against Federal Charges

If you have been charged with tax evasion or another tax crime, Frank Rubino is an excellent choice. He has extensive experience defending clients against white collar criminal charges at the federal level. Contact the firm, or call 866-718-3994 to schedule an appointment.

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