Fraud By Tax Preparer

When tax preparers face charges involving fraud, the consequences can be severe. Fight back against these charges aggressively. Attorney Frank Rubino has successfully handled an impressive array of large-scale cases for clients who could not afford to lose. He has a national and international reputation for sophisticated defense in complex tax crime and white collar crime cases. Mr. Rubino limits his practice to only the most serious federal criminal charges.

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Details Regarding Tax Preparer Fraud Charges

The Department of Justice prosecutes tax preparers charged with tax evasion or federal tax fraud. Tax evasion is a felony crime punishable by five years or more in prison and fines up to $250,000. These are serious consequences that could negatively impact your life and your future. The best way to protect your future against these charges is to work with an experienced, aggressive attorney you can trust.

Approximately 200 tax preparer fraud cases are investigated by federal authorities each year. The federal government rewards people who report suspected tax fraud activity. Charges of tax preparer fraud may be brought forward by disgruntled former employees who may have motive, opportunity and a financial incentive to engage in wrongdoing themselves.

How Do Tax Preparers Commit Fraud?

Tax preparer fraud may be committed to benefit business clients, individual clients, or the tax preparer himself. Examples include:

  • Inflating business expenses
  • Claiming false deductions such as unreimbursed employee business expenses, mileage expenses, meals and entertainment, charitable contributions, medical expenses, and business losses
  • Claiming too many exemptions and unallowable credits
  • Manipulating income to obtain the earned income tax credit
  • Underreporting income and improperly using trusts to hide income
  • Mischaracterizing expenses
  • Failing to declare overseas income

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