Filing A False Tax Return

Criminal allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion from the filing of false tax returns can have devastating consequences: prison and fines for individuals, and significant financial penalties and irreparable harm to reputation for businesses. The stakes are too high to settle for anything but the best representation available. Attorney Frank Rubino provides strong defense against false tax return charges, backed by more than 30 years of legal experience and a track record of successful defense in high-profile cases.

If you are facing false tax return charges, Mr. Rubino will protect your rights. He does not take violent crime cases of drug-related charges, so he can provide the focused representation you deserve. Call 866-718-3994 to begin mounting a strong defense.

There are a number of ways the IRS can find an individual or a business guilty of filing a false tax return, any of which could result in criminal charges for tax evasion such as:

  • Purposefully or accidentally underreporting business or rental income
  • Failing to report overseas accounts
  • Failure to report income earned in other states or overseas
  • Overstating deductions or charitable contributions
  • Mischaracterizing personal expenses as business expenses
  • Keeping multiple sets of books or making false entries in company accounting (which may occur in conjunction with money laundering)

Work With An Experienced Tax Crimes Defense Lawyer

Attorney Frank Rubino has a national reputation for effective and aggressive federal tax crime defense. He has helped many high-profile clients avoid serious punishment in an impressive array of large-scale white collar crime cases.

When Frank Rubino handles tax fraud cases, he can often mitigate the charges and penalties by working before charges are filed. If you suspect that you are under investigation for failing to file a tax return, or you know that you filed a false tax return and you would like to rectify the situation, Mr. Rubino can help you.

The law office of attorney Frank Rubino is a high-end criminal defense practice that handles only tax fraud cases of significant value and/or a high degree of complexity.

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If you have been charged with tax evasion or another tax crime, experience makes the difference. Call 866-718-3994 today, or email the firm. From his home office in Miami, Florida, he accepts federal tax cases from across the United States.

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