No one wants to be facing criminal charges involving Interpol. Whenever multiple nations are involved in criminal investigation, charging or prosecution, it represents a very serious situation for the defendant. If you are involved in an international investigation or prosecution, the stakes are high. Make sure you work with a lawyer you can trust to beat the opposition and keep you out of prison.

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About Interpol

Interpol (officially, the International Criminal Police Organization) is an international agency that provides its 186 member nations with assistance in law enforcement matters that cross international borders. It is headquartered in Lyon, France. If you need help with a legal matter related to Interpol, an attorney with experience in international criminal law matters can assist you.

What Interpol Does

The purpose of Interpol is to provide member nations with technical support in international criminal matters. The technical support takes four essential forms:

  • Securing a global police communications system to provide member nations with important information such as wanted notices and terrorism alerts
  • Providing operational data services and databases for police, including databases of names, fingerprints, DNA, samples and notices
  • Providing operational police support services to national governments dealing with international criminal activity and staffing a 24-hour Command and Coordination Centre capable of stepping in at a moment’s notice to assist a member nation faced with a crisis
  • Offering training and development programs to each member nation’s police force to prevent and combat transnational crime

Interpol has developed initiatives to fight drug trafficking, terrorism, internet crime, financial crime, organized crime and human trafficking. They also help locate and capture fugitives.

Each Interpol member nation staffs an office known as the National Central Bureau, or NCB, with their own national police officers. The NCBs are responsible for transmitting information and responding to requests from other member nations and from local law enforcement agencies in that nation. The American NCB is located in the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

What Interpol Does Not Do

Interpol functions by means of contracts between National Central Bureaus. It does not deal with individuals or private citizens. Interpol does not dispatch agents to foreign countries to investigate crimes or arrest criminals. Arrests and investigations are matters left entirely to local law enforcement authorities. Interpol does not deal with purely local crimes, but is concerned only with criminal activity that involves two or more member nations.

Interpol also does not engage in monitoring or observing individuals or businesses. It does not request information about individuals. Information is supplied to Interpol by the law enforcement authorities of member nations on the initiative of those agencies. Interpol will not intervene in any activities in any country that have a political, religious, military or racial character.

Speak To A Criminal Lawyer

Interpol is a much misunderstood entity. While many regard it with suspicion, it provides a valuable service to law enforcement agencies dealing with crimes that have an international dimension. If you are faced with an issue that involves Interpol, you should consult an experienced international attorney — like Frank Rubino — for knowledgeable advice and assistance. Complete an intake form or call 866-718-3994 to arrange an appointment at his law offices in Houston or Miami.

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