Accused of a white collar crime? You need our experience.

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2016 | White Collar Crime

Florida defendants typically perceive non-violent crimes as being less serious than allegations such as assault. This is particularly true when it comes to fraud, a so-called white collar crime. Depending on what the fraud entailed and if certain amounts of money were involved, fraud and other white collar crimes can potentially have a serious impact on a person’s employability and personal image.

Most charges for fraud, money laundering or identity theft are incredibly complex. Defendants are often surprised to learn that fighting these allegations takes an experienced hand who understands the intricacies and sophistication of such charges. Also, the consequences of such charges, if convicted, can be very severe and can include lengthy prison sentences.

Defendants facing white collar crime charges also have unique needs that other defendants do not necessarily deal with. Aside from the legal penalties associated with these crimes, most defendants have an invaluable business image to protect. Even if the charges are successfully refuted and a favorable verdict is rendered, an ineffective approach can render these carefully constructed images useless and leave people unable to re-enter the world of business.

We strive to ensure that all defendants are fully aware of their charges and any possible related evidence, such as alleged paper trails or financial reports, which are common for white collar crime charges. Our understanding of these complex legal issues is built on our experience guiding our Florida clients to successful outcomes. Since no two cases are alike, we spend an exceptional amount of time determining the facts of the case in order to create the best possible strategy for each defendant’s own unique circumstances.

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