Mormon church leader accused of white collar crime

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In certain circumstances, a person accused of criminal wrongdoing may be held in jail pending trial. This interim time could be very stressful if a defendant is unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and worried about the legal process ahead. It may help alleviate stress to discuss one’s situation with a defense attorney, who can explain the law and offer guidance as to how best to proceed in court. A recent incident outside Florida involves a church leader being held in jail for suspected white collar crime.

The man in question is apparently a leader in a Mormon church community. A hearing was held in a federal criminal court on a recent Monday. Afterward, the U.S. Magistrate Judge ordered that the man be detained until trial.

The man and at least 10 other people were indicted on suspicion of fraud, having to do with food stamps and alleged money laundering. Federal prosecutors have claimed that church members lost substantial amounts of money in the supposed scheme. It remains undecided whether the man’s attorney will file an appeal with regard to the denial of bail, although she apparently informed the court that she finds it highly unusual to incarcerate a man with no criminal history.

There are attorneys available in Florida who have experience defending high-profile defendants accused of white collar crime. Often, a strong defense and effective representation in court is key to obtaining a positive outcome. Being accused of a crime does not mean one will be convicted. It is within every defendant’s rights to enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney to build a strong and focused defense.

Source:, “FLDS leader to remain in jail pending fraud trial“, Ben Winslow, March 7, 2016

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