White collar crime apparently common among Florida street gangs

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | White Collar Crime

Images of street gangs often depict scenes of violence and stories of illicit activities that often lead to criminal charges against them. It has recently been reported that gangs in Florida have been participating in white collar crime throughout the state. There have been various thoughts and opinions offered on this seemingly new trend. However, no matter what statistics show with regard to gangs and criminal offenses like identity theft, the point remains that anyone accused of such crimes is entitled to legal representation under the law.

Florida officials recently created a task force that claims it has charged 400 or more people with causing in excess of $140 million in losses due to identity theft crimes. Officials say that many of those charged are associated with street gangs throughout the state. One person conjectured that some street gang members have allegedly gotten involved with fraud schemes because the prison sentence when a conviction is handed down tends to be much less than that of a drug conviction.

Apparently, at least five percent of people in the United States have reported being victims of some type of identity theft. The state of Florida has more registered complaints than all other states. Some gangs in the state have even been accused of filing fraudulent tax returns.

Whether charges filed against someone in Florida are connected with drugs or white collar crime, it is typically prudent for the one facing charges to retain the help of a criminal defense attorney. The legal process involved in prosecuting such charges is often complex and difficult for someone with no law background to understand. Therefore, seeking guidance from an experienced attorney can ensure that one is provided with clarification on the laws pertaining to the charges, as well as all options that might be available toward building a strong defense.

Source: omaha.com, “Street gangs turn to white-collar crime with fake gift cards, stolen identities“, Dec. 22, 2015

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