Alleged federal drug trafficking ring recently indicted

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Drug sales and drug usage remains a concern for many Florida residents and others throughout the nation. Some have found themselves facing criminal charges regarding such issues. A group of people have recently been indicted in connection with charges stemming from suspected illegal drug activity. The federal drug trafficking incident apparently took place in another state. One woman and nine men were reportedly involved.

The arrests all took place in October 2015 in relation to the suspected drug ring operation. It is believed that the alleged drug organization was led by a man who had already been arrested. Current charges against the 10 people include heroin distribution and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

The names of those who were recently arrested were published on the Internet, but their ages physical addresses were kept private. Authorities say that they believe the drug dealers conducted their business on the streets of New York’s West Side. A federal grand jury returned the indictments.

Federal drug trafficking charges are typically prosecuted in a very aggressive manner, in Florida and elsewhere. The penalties incurred if convicted are typically quite severe. Therefore, it is usually in one’s best interests to retain the help of a legal advocate when facing such charges. The sound legal counsel and diligent representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer may lead toward a more positive outcome in court. An attorney would also be able to advise a defendant regarding what the best defense strategy may be in light of the impending charges on is facing.

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