Man Arrested For Smuggling Drugs Using Easter Eggs

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2010 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Hearing a news story about a drug bust is not terribly unusual. However, it is somewhat strange to hear of a drug arrest involving Easter eggs. Such a drug trafficking arrest recently happened to a Florida man.

The arrest involved a man from Miami. Last Thursday, the man was in the Los Angeles airport after travelling from Colombia. He was stopped by federal agents and his bags were searched. It has not yet been reported what led authorities to make this search. The agents found several Easter eggs in the man’s bags. The man allegedly claimed that these eggs were for his kids.

The agents looked inside the eggs and discovered that they contained cocaine. Including the drugs in the eggs, several pounds of cocaine were found in the man’s bags. The man was then arrested and charged with drug importation. If he is found guilty, he could face a very heavy jail sentence.

An ICE agent stated that the Easter eggs were one of the more “unusual” places where the agency has discovered hidden drugs. However, the agent also said that law enforcement has gotten used to drug smugglers using new and different methods of hiding drugs when transporting them.

This is an admittedly strange case, but it does show how aggressive federal authorities are becoming when it comes to searching for drugs in connection to suspected drug trafficking. Also, the comments from the ICE agent might indicate that authorities are adjusting their drug search tactics in response to new strategies they believe drug smugglers are using.

Source: NBC Miami, “Miami Man Busted With Cocaine Eggs at LAX,” Fiorella Alvarez and Todd Wright, 27 Dec 2010

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