Federal drug trafficking investigation continues after bust

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

When persons in Florida are charged with drug-related crimes, they have every right to fight against those charges in court. Federal drug trafficking charges, in particular, are typically prosecuted quite aggressively. The chances of obtaining a positive outcome when presenting a defense may be increased by acting alongside an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Cocaine and heroin are among the most common types of drugs mentioned in federal drug cases. Penalties for conviction of manufacturing, possessing or distributing such drugs are often very severe, and may include lengthy prison terms, as well as substantial monetary fines. It is likely that the life of a person convicted at the federal level for selling large quantities of heavy narcotics will be seriously impacted, unless negative effects are successfully minimized through a strong defense.

Recently, drug task force agents in Ohio claim to have discovered large amounts of drugs inside a truck. They were reportedly investigating a situation on a recent Saturday morning on the East Side in Cleveland. During their investigation, they apparently seized more than 70 kilos of cocaine.

Officers who reported finding the cocaine in the federal drug trafficking investigation claimed it carried a street value in excess of $2 million. A Drug Enforcement Agency spokesperson told reporters that the investigation into the situation remains active. Anyone in Florida facing drug charges, whether at the state or federal level, can begin building as strong a defense as possible by contacting an experienced criminal lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases in the state.

Source: cleveland.com, “Drug agents seize more than 70 kilos of cocaine in Cleveland bust“, Cory Shaffer, Sept. 6, 2016

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