Florida congresswoman still facing tax evasion problems

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2016 | Tax Evasion

Florida Congresswoman Corinne Brown has recently been in the news for reasons other than political accomplishment. On a recent Wednesday, she appeared in court with a new attorney by her side. His services have been retained to assist the politician in her defense against more than 20 counts of tax evasion and fraud.

Brown was indicted on federal charges for corruption in July 2016. She has emphatically denied all charges against her. The situation may have already affected the congresswoman’s career, however, as she suffered her first ever defeat in a recent primary election.

Brown is said to have told reporters that she blames the indictment for her election loss. It is not uncommon for federal charges to have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person’s private and professional life. Brown’s attorney stated the current charges his client faces are all false, and it is unfortunate that the situation has appeared to negatively influence her constituents.

A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney is often able to help a client minimize the potential negative consequences of a situation. Being formally charged with tax evasion is obviously a serious matter that may have permanent repercussions on a person’s career. As soon as anyone in Florida becomes aware that he or she is being federally investigated, contact can be made with a criminal lawyer to begin building a strong defense should charges later be filed. In addition, there is strict protocol regarding collection of evidence, and if a defense attorney determines there is reason to challenge a case, it may lead to a dismissal or, at least, the court’s decision to render certain evidence inadmissible during a trial.

Source: firstcoastnews.com, “Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s new lawyer: No plea, this case is going to trial”, Anne Schindler, Sept. 7, 2016

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