Florida man admits possession of federal drug trafficking items

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A recent incident occurred in Florida that began with deputies from a local sheriff’s department receiving a call to investigate a possible trespassing. Upon responding to the call, deputies gained information that resulted in an arrest being made. What began as a case of suspected trespassing ended with charges being filed against one man. When a person faces state or federal drug trafficking charges, he or she might have reason to consult with an attorney.

In the recent case, deputies were reportedly speaking to a man at the residence to which they were called on a recent Wednesday. During the conversation, officers  claim to have learned about an outstanding warrant for arrest against the man. According to reports, after learning about the active warrant, they placed the man under arrest.

Reports further indicate that the man being arrested told officers that he had a methamphetamine lab set up in his home. Upon investigation, officers are said to have discovered methamphetamine, as well as methamphetamine oil and other components used in manufacturing the drug.  The man was then charged for possessing drug paraphernalia and trafficking methamphetamine. Such charges can bring about serious consequences under conviction in a Florida court.

Typically, a person accused of  state or federal drug trafficking in Florida would benefit from consultation with a legal professional in the area. An experienced criminal defense attorney would be able to offer advice as to how best to present one’s case when facing serious charges involving a drug crime. The process of appearing in court can be a stressful and traumatic experience for some; it can be comforting to know that one has a seasoned legal professional by one’s side during proceedings.

Source: nwfdailynews.com, “Man charged with drug trafficking“, June 5, 2015

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