Seeking legal defense for federal drug trafficking in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2015 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Any person in Florida who finds themselves facing criminal charges of any nature is protected by law with the right to consult legal counsel in the matter. In cases of federal drug trafficking charges, a person who stands accused can incur severe penalties if convicted. It is, therefore, most often prudent to entrust oneself to the guidance of an attorney who has experience in criminal defense of those charged with drug related crimes at the federal level.

Attorneys at Frank A. Rubino, Esq.  have the dedication and experience to assist you from the time charges are filed until you have navigated the entire criminal justice process. Our lawyers are committed to ensuring that you are aware of every option available in order to maximize the potential for a positive outcome in your defense. Frank A. Rubino, Esq. has more than 30 years of experience and has successfully brought cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Attorney Rubino has handled large scale cocaine cases and has represented members of established drug cartels. If you have been accused of trafficking methamphetamine, steroids, cocaine or heroin, you will want to make certain that your rights are protected under the law as you prepare to face the accusations against you. Attorneys at Rubino Law Office are dedicated to offering customized service to clients involved in complex and complicated cases.

When you face serious federal drug trafficking charges in Florida, it may benefit you to have a nationally known defense attorney on your side. Frank A. Rubino, Esq. is prepared to represent you in state and/or federal court. Contacting the Rubino law office allows you to schedule a free consultation as a first step in the process of assessing your case and developing a defense with the best possible potential for a positive outcome.

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