Doctor accused of committing Medicare fraud

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2011 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Authorities have been getting increasingly aggressive in their efforts to combat Medicare fraud. When authorities bring Medicare fraud charges against an individual, it can result in the individual in question facing serious consequences.

Recently, a health care fraud case has arisen involving a doctor from Georgia. The doctor reportedly runs a medical clinic. The doctor has been accused of using a “purported charitable organization” to commit Medicare fraud.

The doctor reportedly formed the organization in 2004. Authorities claim that the doctor controlled this organization and was its main donor. They further allege that the doctor formed arrangements with other entities which were aimed at masking the fact that he was the organization’s main donor.

Allegedly, the doctor would have the organization cover travel expenses for Medicare patients so that they would come to his practice for treatment.

Authorities claim that this scheme ran from 2004 to 2009 and that the man billed Medicare for millions in connection to the patients he treated as a result of this scheme.

The man faces charges for Medicare fraud in connection to these allegations. If the man is found guilty of these charges, he could be given a significant prison sentence.

Any Miami criminal defense lawyer knows that government agencies can be aggressive in their Medicare fraud enforcement. As this case shows, being accused of Medicare fraud can result in a person facing major criminal charges. A person can receive severe punishments if they are convicted of these types of charges. Consequently, if a person is facing accusations of Medicare fraud, having a strong defense can be very important.

Source: The Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Roswell doc charged with fraud, tax evasion,” 28 March 2011

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