Tax preparer sentenced in tax fraud case

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Tax preparers often have a variety of skills and knowledge regarding tax matters. A tax preparer can face severe consequences if he or she is accused of using these skills and this knowledge to commit tax crimes such as tax evasion or tax fraud. For example, a tax preparer can receive a harsh criminal sentence, such as a long jail term, if he or she is convicted of committing such crimes.

This can be seen in a recent tax crimes case. The case involves a 50-year-old man from California who was a tax preparer.

The man was accused of committing tax fraud. Authorities claimed he submitted 40 fraudulent returns to the IRS. This allegedly resulted in the man wrongfully receiving thousands of dollars worth of tax refunds.

Authorities also claimed that the man evaded taxes. Allegedly, the man put assets in bank accounts that he set up using false identifying information and underreported his assets on his tax returns. Authorities claimed that the man’s actions resulted in him avoiding over $200,000 in taxes.

The man also was accused of using the identifying information of his clients’ children and businesses in his various schemes.

The man faced a variety of criminal charges in connection to these alleged schemes, including charges for filing false claims and identity theft. The man stood trial in California and was found guilty of 32 criminal counts. The man received his sentence last Friday. He was sentenced to serve 11 years in jail.

Thus, the man is facing a significant jail sentence in connection to the tax crimes he was found guilty of. This underscores how being convicted of tax crimes can have major consequences for a tax preparer. Thus, if a tax preparer is accused of committing tax crimes, a strong defense can be vital.

Source: KFMB-TV, “La Mesa man sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax fraud,” 9 Apr 2011

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