Woman who worked for IRS accused of tax fraud

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Federal authorities are often aggressive in their investigations of alleged tax fraud schemes. And, it is not only the taxpayers who supposedly benefited from alleged fraud schemes that can face criminal charges. Authorities will also generally pursue charges against individuals who are suspected of helping taxpayers fraudulently receive tax benefits. These individuals can include tax preparers or even people who worked for the IRS. This can be seen in a tax fraud case which has recently arisen in Georgia.

This case involves a 46-year-old woman from Livonia, Georgia. The woman reportedly helped process amended tax returns for the IRS in 2009 at a facility in Chamblee, Georgia.

The woman has been accused of using this position to commit tax fraud. Allegedly, the woman went into the IRS’s computer system and changed the tax information of four friends and relatives so that they would qualify for a homebuyer tax credit. The woman reportedly received payments for making these changes.

Last Monday, the woman was indicted in connection to these allegations. The woman faces four federal charges related to computer fraud. The woman could receive a sentence of up to five years in prison for each of these charges if she is found guilty.

A person can face serious consequences if they are accused of having helped a taxpayer fraudulently receive tax benefits. This can be seen in this case, where the suspect could receive a long prison sentence if she is convicted of the crimes of which she has been accused.

Because of these potential consequences, having a well-constructed defense can be very important when one faces charges related to tax fraud.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Lithonia woman indicted for tax fraud,” 28 Feb 2011

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