Woman sentenced for role in tax fraud scheme

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An individual can face harsh punishments if he or she is found guilty of falsely filing tax returns under someone else’s name in order to fraudulently receive tax credits. These punishments can include jail time and monetary fines. A woman has recently received both of these punishments in an Alabama criminal tax case.

The case involves a woman from Montgomery, Alabama who was accused of being part of a group of individuals that conducted a tax fraud scheme. Allegedly, the group acquired the personal information of some individuals and used this information to fraudulently file 158 tax returns. On these fraudulent returns, the group allegedly claimed tax credits such as the fuel tax credit and the first-time homebuyer’s credit. The tax fraud scheme reportedly netted hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The woman faced tax fraud conspiracy charges in connection to these allegations. The woman pled guilty to these charges.

The woman recently received her sentence. She was sentenced to serve nearly four years in prison. She was also ordered to pay over half a million dollars in restitution. Thus, being accused and convicted of being involved in a conspiracy to falsely claim tax credits has had major consequences for the woman in this case.

This case shows how being convicted of tax fraud charges can result in an individual facing large fines and the loss of his or her freedom. Consequently, if one is facing these kinds of charges, having a strong and thought out defense can be extremely important.

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