Don’t try to outrun a conviction

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | White Collar Crime

If you’re facing extensive criminal charges for a white collar crime like embezzlement, securities violations, fraud or something similar, it’s only natural to feel a host of strong emotions. You may be depressed at the potential penalties and the turn your life has taken. You may be angry at whatever situation started the whole mess. You may be frustrated at the way you are being perceived in the press.

You’re probably also scared — because whether you’re guilty or innocent, there’s a lot at stake. However, don’t let the fear of the consequences of your upcoming trial prompt you into becoming a fugitive.

Running from the charges against you won’t accomplish anything positive in the long run. Instead:

  1. You may put yourself and your family through tremendous pressure and grief. Life on the run is not easy for anybody.
  2. You will always have to look over your shoulder. When the charges are serious, federal authorities will keep looking for you. The statute of limitations won’t expire on your crimes, and you may even be the subject of bounty hunters.
  3. You could be tried in absentia, which could drastically increase the likelihood that the prosecution will win its case, and your sentence will be heavy.
  4. You may not find any real security. Within the United States, extradition is possible between states. If you flee out of the country, you may be returned due to extradition treaties.

As one famous fugitive said of his time on the run, “If I’d come in sooner, the process would have been much less painful for everyone, including myself.”

If you’re accused of a white collar crime, don’t try to run from your troubles. Contact our office to discuss your case and see what kind of strategy is possible for your defense.

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