Florida Representative investigated for Medicare fraud

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2011 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Following the inquiry into the actions of her son, Gregory Campbell, Florida lawmaker Daphne Campbell is now being investigated. Her son stands accused of Medicaid fraud in connection with nearly $300,000 in allegedly fraudulent claims for state funds. In this case, investigators with the state attorney general’s office are reviewing payments made by the state to the health care facilities that Campbell co-ran with her husband, Hubert.

The investigation is noteworthy, in part, because Daphne Campbell has pledged to crack down on health care fraud in Florida as part of her platform. She is connected to proposed legislation concerning long-term care for patients with disabilities or mental illnesses. Homes like the ones formerly managed by the Campbell’s bill the state for millions of dollars every year under the Medicaid program. The records of the Campbell’s health care business are currently being reviewed going back four years.

Prior to this most recent investigation, the state had taken issue with the Campbells over the running of their health care business. After several incidents that called into question the safety of the residents, the state decided to pull their funding of the homes in 2006. The Campbells left the business shortly thereafter. Neither Hubert Campbell, who was convicted of mortgage fraud in 2007, nor Daphne Campbell has commented on the investigation.

Medicaid fraud investigation units have become much more active as the issue has drawn significant national attention. Investigations like these are becoming commonplace at many health care institutions. It is not clear at this point how many of these investigations will lead to criminal prosecution.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Daphne Campbell faces Medicaid-fraud investigation,” Michael Sallah, Rob Barry and Carol Marbin Miller, 1 July 2011

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