Guilty plea made by former state worker in tax fraud case

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Being accused of tax fraud can have serious consequences. If a person is convicted of this type of crime, he or she can receive a variety of punishments including a prison sentence. This can be seen in the potential penalties a suspect is facing in a tax fraud case from Texas.

The case involves a woman who used to work for the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division. The woman has been accused of being involved in a tax fraud scheme.

The woman allegedly acquired the personal information of applicants for state aid while she was employed by the division. Supposedly, the woman and two other individuals used this information to file fraudulent tax returns. They allegedly did this in order to receive tax refunds from the fraudulent returns. Reportedly, this scheme ran from 2001 to 2005 and involved thousands of dollars.

The woman faced tax fraud charges in connection to these allegations. The woman recently pled guilty to these charges. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for May. Reportedly, the woman could receive a prison sentence of up to five years. She also could be ordered to pay a large fine.

Thus, the woman in this case is facing some serious potential penalties in connection to the charges she pled guilty to. She could even lose her freedom for a substantial amount of time. From this, one can see that being accused and convicted of tax fraud can have major consequences. Thus, if one is accused of tax fraud, being represented by a qualified criminal defense attorney can be very important.

Source: KRISTV, “Former Employee Of TX AG’s Child Support Division Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud,” 25 Feb 2011

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