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What constitutes mortgage fraud, and how you can avoid charges

Did you know that even a small "white lie" on your mortgage application could lead to very serious criminal consequences? Experts say that even seemingly innocuous untruths on loan applications can constitute mortgage fraud, a major crime that can lead to long-term problems. This so-called "creative financing" could force you to immediately pay the full balance of your loan, face massive fines and even spend time behind bars. Today, we help you learn a little more about what, exactly, constitutes mortgage fraud.

Miami man sought for alleged Medicare Fraud

Federal law enforcement officials have now added the name of a South Florida man to their roster of most wanted fugitives. According to investigators, the Miami resident owned a pharmacy that he used in the furtherance of a criminal enterprise. Last year, authorities indicted the man on charges of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

Florida trader pleads guilty to white collar crime

A Florida defendant who was facing charges of wire fraud in connection with a federal securities case has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit the crime. The defendant, who had owned a day-trading firm in Tampa, was facing the white collar crime allegations after he allegedly defrauded customers out of more than $470,000. He could face up to five years' prison time for his involvement in the alleged financial scheme. That 34-year-old man is implicated in both a criminal case and a federal lawsuit that was brought by an investor.

Miami Beach man pleads to lesser charge in mortgage fraud case

An old adage holds that truth can never be fully suppressed. Such is the case for several wealthy people who lost millions in a mortgage fraud scheme orchestrated by a trusted colleague. On June 27, a 54-year-old Miami Beach, Florida, man pleaded guilty to his role in collecting roughly $20 million in fake mortgages tied to a series of properties he owned on Collins Avenue

Florida woman pleads guilty to allegations of Medicare fraud

A patient recruiter for a Florida health agency has pleaded guilty in connection with a health care fraud scheme that reportedly defrauded the Medicare program. The defendant, age 45, entered the guilty plea on June 27. She was charged with a single count of conspiracy to solicit and receive health care kickbacks, effectively committing Medicare fraud, according to news outlets. The woman pleaded guilty to violating federal laws, which makes the potential consequences of the case far more serious.

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