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White Collar Crime Archives

Woman in Florida accused of white collar crime

The state of Florida requires a person to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) in order to operate certain vehicles. A 49-year-old woman was recently accused of white collar crime involving an alleged fraud scheme pertaining to CDLs issued in the state. She and two others were charged with conspiracy; the woman has since pleaded guilty.

Alleged white collar crime in Florida connected with Sam's Club

Florida has a very high rate of identity theft. The terms that define such white collar crime are rather broad and include incidents of suspected Internet fraud, illicit use of another person's credit card or using someone's personal information to create false accounts. Being accused of these types of crimes is clearly a serious matter. A recent incident occurred involving two women and allegedly cloned credit cards at Sam's Club.

White collar crime apparently common among Florida street gangs

Images of street gangs often depict scenes of violence and stories of illicit activities that often lead to criminal charges against them. It has recently been reported that gangs in Florida have been participating in white collar crime throughout the state. There have been various thoughts and opinions offered on this seemingly new trend. However, no matter what statistics show with regard to gangs and criminal offenses like identity theft, the point remains that anyone accused of such crimes is entitled to legal representation under the law.

Former NFL star Titus Dixon cleared of Florida white collar crime

Being accused of a crime in Florida does not necessarily mean that one will be convicted. Every person is presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty by a judge or jury. In a recent white collar crime case, Titus Dixon, a former professional football player and Osceola County deputy, was cleared of the charges against him in court.

U.S. Corporation Services denies white collar crime allegations

Company owners in Florida and across the nation sometimes come under the FBI's radar if it is believed that they may be involved in criminal activity. Depending on the circumstances, an investigation may be brief or remain ongoing for months or longer. After years of investigation, allegations surfaced regarding white collar crime that suggested one corporation had set up shell companies to be used for fraudulent purposes.

Several white collar crime charges filed against woman in Florida

Florida detectives have claimed that U.S. Treasury checks were stolen from private mailboxes throughout the state. A 27-year-old woman has been placed under arrest in connection with the suspicions. The young woman will now face each of the white collar crime charges against her.

White collar crime charges dropped against Michael Steinberg

Those accused of insider trading or other financial fraud in Florida will want to have effective criminal defense counsel by their side before proceeding to court. In some instances, an experienced criminal lawyer's intervention can lead to white collar crime charges being dropped. In a recent case, the charges against Michael Steinberg, former executive with SAC Capital, were dismissed in a federal District Court.

Former Florida college student convicted of white collar crime

One former Florida student from Miami Dade College is preparing to spend three years of his life in prison after being convicted of a tax fraud scheme. He was arrested in Nov. 2014 for his suspected role in the white collar crime. Reportedly, nearly 20 other students were indicted on similar charges.

White collar crime arrest made in Florida; man to be extradited

A federal grand jury has issued an indictment in connection with a recent case that involved four people. The white collar crime is said to have involved an extensive tax fraud scheme. A businessman, his sister and two others recently faced a grand jury with regard to their participation in identity theft fraud. The businessman was arrested in Florida in early September 2015 and is expected to be extradited once a date for his hearing is set.

Is Florida the white collar crime capital of the nation?

A prosecutor recently stated that Florida is the identity theft capital of the nation. Being accused of a white collar crime, such as theft of identity, can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person's private and professional reputations, regardless of whether the accusations end in a conviction. However, allegations of crime do not constitute guilt. One is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

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