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Florida man accused of white collar crime re identity theft

A man in Florida may not be who everyone thinks he is; almost everyone, that is. His current wife, son and neighbors all received a huge shock recently when they learned that he was being accused of a white collar crime. Law enforcement authorities claim that the man has been living under a stolen identity for the past 20 years.

Federal agents accuse man of white collar crime in Florida

A Florida man was recently accused by federal authorities of a massive fraud scheme. The allegations of white collar crime involve identity theft, wire and bank fraud, including the theft of more than $2 million in cash. He now faces a 36 count indictment involving alleged losses that could reach as high as $3 million.

Major white collar crime bust in Florida

Federal investigations often lead to serious charges against one or more individuals. A recent incident involved a Florida clinic owner accused of white collar crime. Federal officials claim the alleged fraud scheme netted approximately $900 million. It is also believed that the clinic owner did not act alone.

Accused of a white collar crime? You need our experience.

Florida defendants typically perceive non-violent crimes as being less serious than allegations such as assault. This is particularly true when it comes to fraud, a so-called white collar crime. Depending on what the fraud entailed and if certain amounts of money were involved, fraud and other white collar crimes can potentially have a serious impact on a person's employability and personal image.

Federal drug trafficking investigation results in Florida arrests

One never knows what to expect when federal agents show up wanting to search a residence. Sometimes, several types of law enforcement agencies work together in a combined effort to conduct such operations. Recently, a home was searched, and now authorities say they found evidence of federal drug trafficking inside the Florida home, which resulted in multiple arrests.

Federal agents investigate white collar crime at Florida condo

Whether one lives in Florida or any other state, it is never a comfortable situation when federal agents raid a high-rise condominium. If one happens to be a resident in said condo, the situation can go from merely uncomfortable to downright scary. This is just what happened on a recent Tuesday morning. Federal authorities conducted multiple white collar crime raids ending in the arrests of several people.

Exploring legal defense options regarding white collar crime

Becoming the subject of a federal investigation in Florida can present many legal challenges. The term white collar crime encompasses a vast genre of offenses, including tax evasion, electronic fraud, identity theft and money laundering. Such an investigation may last months, or even several years. In the meantime, the person being investigated has every right to seek legal guidance in order to explore possible defense options, should law enforcement agents press charges at some point.

Hotel worker reports apparent white collar crime evidence

Any number of circumstances may lead to accusations of criminal wrongdoing in Florida. Nevertheless, anyone accused of a white collar crime or another offense is able to use all available resources to fight the charges in court. A first logical step to take in the process would be to request a meeting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss what options might be explored toward building a strong defense.

Florida white collar crime bust for alleged busts of another kind

It is seldom a comfortable situation to be formally accused of a criminal offense. Typically, such allegations lead to many legal challenges, not to mention the potential embarrassment to one's reputation. In recent times, there have been many white collar crime arrests in Florida, and some say it is a prime location for identity theft and other forms of fraud.

Florida state representative indicted for white collar crime

When facing serious charges in a federal court, experienced and aggressive legal defense is often a key factor in obtaining a positive outcome. Charges involving white collar crime in Florida are quite serious and much may be at stake for the accused. Often, a defendant's reputation is on the line, and a highly publicized situation may have a very negative impact on a person's family life.

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