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Federal Drug Trafficking Archives

Valentine's Day flowers a target for federal drug searches

One would not usually connect Valentine's Day with drug trafficking enforcement. However, the Valentine's Day season triggers an increase in the use of one drug enforcement method, shipment searches.

Florida man arrested after 31 years of fleeing from the police

Law enforcement can be very aggressive in their pursuit of individuals suspected of federal drug crimes. This aggressiveness can continue long after an alleged crime occurred. This can be seen in the recent arrest of a 62-year-old Florida man who had allegedly been on the run ever since he was accused of crimes related to drug trafficking over 30 years ago.

Man Arrested For Smuggling Drugs Using Easter Eggs

Hearing a news story about a drug bust is not terribly unusual. However, it is somewhat strange to hear of a drug arrest involving Easter eggs. Such a drug trafficking arrest recently happened to a Florida man.

DEA Uses Its Emergency Power to Ban Synthetic Marijuana

The DEA has many tools available to it in its investigations of suspected drug crimes. Last week, the DEA demonstrated one of its more powerful tools, its emergency power. It used this power to place a temporary ban on a product called synthetic marijuana. Due to this ban, this product is now subject to federal drug possession and trafficking laws.

Interagency Investigation in Florida Leads to Drug Conviction

Increasingly, enforcement agencies are working together in drug trafficking cases. One way they do this is through running investigations jointly. Also, they are increasingly willing to share information with each other when it comes to pursuing those accused of trafficking. The effects of this cooperation can be seen in a recent Florida drug trafficking case.

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