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Sharing a residence and your right to refuse a police search

You probably realize that you should never allow the police to search your residence without a warrant. Insisting on a warrant is the only way to make certain that the police don't exceed their authority and that your rights are protected.

The difference between tax fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance

Do you know the difference between tax avoidance, tax fraud and tax evasion? The terms are often used almost interchangeably on the news when someone is in trouble with the law -- but the terms don't actually mean the same thing at all.

Why do so many people plead guilty to white collar crimes?

While big trials make headlines, there are plenty of white collar criminal cases that get adjudicated through a plea deal. In fact, it's probably hard to look at the news, these days, without reading something about another white collar defendant who just pled guilty.

What triggers a Medicare or Medicaid fraud investigation?

The Office of the Inspector General is serious about prosecuting instances of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Not only is a national concern that affects millions of Americans, it's also a political "hot button" issue. Nobody wants to look soft on the issue -- so prosecutors can be very aggressive.

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