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Paying taxes: The difference between mistakes and evasion

Tax evasion is a serious crime that can be prosecuted at the federal or state level. Fortunately, there is a distinction between true tax evasion and accidental evasion. For instance, if you pay your taxes but forgot to report a small amount of income, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wouldn't likely see you as a criminal. You'd be issued a bill, pay it and move on. That's not the case if you refuse to file taxes or don't report the majority of your income.

Facing tax evasion charges in Florida -- no small matter

Being accused of misrepresenting taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service is a serious matter. In Florida and all other states, such situations may be aggressively prosecuted if formal charges are filed in federal court. However, there are plenty of situations where honest mistakes have resulted in apparent misrepresentations. As with other criminal accusations, anyone charged with tax evasion is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

Woman who owns bus company charged with tax evasion

Many people in Florida and throughout the United States ride buses. A woman in another state, who owns a bus company, has been accused of tax evasion for not reporting income she earned from services her company provided to public schools. In addition, she allegedly concealed monies paid to the company by other clients.

Florida congresswoman still facing tax evasion problems

Florida Congresswoman Corinne Brown has recently been in the news for reasons other than political accomplishment. On a recent Wednesday, she appeared in court with a new attorney by her side. His services have been retained to assist the politician in her defense against more than 20 counts of tax evasion and fraud.

Agents say man gave federal drug trafficking advice to others

An incident occurred in Florida recently that involves millions of dollars and a number of accusations regarding drug-related activities. One man has been accused of federal drug trafficking and money laundering. He has also been charged with several other felonies after police paid a visit to his home.

Fighting tax evasion charges in Florida

Being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service is enough to make anyone anxious. Especially in situations where one's financial records may not be in order, it can be quite stressful trying to answer questions regarding possible tax evasion or other alleged financial crimes. Florida residents are advised to secure experienced legal representation before interacting with authorities or government officials concerning such matters.

High-profile tax evasion charges necessitate strong defense

In Florida and throughout the United States, many people face white collar crime charges after being made subject to federal investigations. Tax evasion is among the most common allegations. When the stakes are high in situations involving federal charges, it is often crucial to build as strong a defense as possible to minimize the potential negative impact a trial (and possible conviction) may have on one's future.

Tax evasion investigation: Why it is important to act quickly

If you become aware that you are the subject of a federal investigation, it is advisable to retain legal assistance as soon as possible. The federal government is typically very aggressive in its prosecution of alleged tax evasion and other fraud claims. Whether you are a business owner, private resident, accountant or entrepreneur, if you have been accused of a tax crime in Florida, you will want to act alongside the guidance of a criminal lawyer who has successfully defended others facing similar issues.

Man admits to partial disclosure of info in tax evasion case

Whether in Florida or elsewhere, failing to disclose pertinent information on tax forms may constitute a criminal offense. One man recently acknowledged to a federal court that he did not provide all information regarding monies in a bank account because he wanted to avoid being taxed further. He will now spend time in prison for tax evasion.

Tax evasion among common white collar crime issues in Florida

Federal and international criminal charges can be quite complex and difficult for those with no legal background to understand. Tax evasion is among the most commonly faced legal challenges categorized as white collar crime. Florida residents facing such accusations will be glad to know that there is a criminal defense lawyer in the area with more than 30 years of experience defending clients against such charges.

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