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Don't believe everything you hear about white collar prosecutions

According to a recent study from Syracuse University, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is slacking in its pursuit of white collar criminals. The study claims that prosecutions have fallen 25% in five years and are the lowest they've been in the past 30 years.

Don't believe these myths about white collar crime

White collar crimes, including graft, money laundering, insider trading and tax fraud are commonly equated with theft or burglary, but studies have shown that the psychology of the white collar criminal is very different than that of the standard burglar. Unlike someone who is robbing a bank at gunpoint, white collar crimes embrace a kind of cognitive dissonance. Since the person committing the crime can't really see actual human victims, it's harder for them to recognize when they've gone over a line.

Pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing: What's the difference?

"Side gigs" are very common in America today. Almost everybody is an entrepreneur, of sorts, whether they're running a YouTube channel or driving for Uber. If you're looking for the right side gig for you, however, it's smart to know how to spot the difference between multi-level marketing (MLM) plans and pyramid schemes.

White collar prosecutions: Where the focus lies for now

White collar criminal prosecutions are in the news a lot these days. Since it's always wise to know where investigative trends are going, let's take a look at what's been happening in late 2019 and where you may expect investigative efforts to focus next.

Is the government tapping your phones?

Being subjected to a federal investigation is enough to make anybody a little bit paranoid -- and rightly so. You may wonder if your office is about to be raided any minute now, or whether you'll get home from work to find federal agents picking apart your personal papers and scouring through your computer. You may also start to worry that your phone lines are being tapped.

What's a personal digital criminal legacy?

The days when a white collar criminal could serve their sentence, quietly redeem themselves and move on are long gone. Today, a white collar criminal conviction is likely to leave you with a lasting "personal digital criminal legacy" that won't go away. Even worse, your family may suffer the same fate, strictly by association.

Is there less white collar crime than before?

Aside from a few very high-profile cases (like the "college admission scandal" that has caught numerous celebrities and well-placed parents up in its wake), you may be hearing far less about white collar crime than you once did -- but that probably isn't because it isn't happening. It may just be that they're not being prosecuted quite as often.

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