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Will New Laws Really Protect E-Mail from Over-Hasty Investigators

E-mail and privacy rights are in the news as Congress considers updating a 26 year-old law. That law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, allows government investigators to access and use all online documents that are older than 180 days. The law is a remnant of a world before the rise of e-mail and many defense advocates believe it is in desperate need of a refresh.

Federal Investigators and E-mail: Our Privacy Rights No Longer Fit

A lot has changed in 26 years. The rapid expansion of e-mail as a primary form of communication is one of the biggest developments since Congress enacted the Electronic Communications Privacy Act in 1986. When Congress drafted that bill, it could not have envisioned that people would store private messages on the Internet - as a result, the law is now problematic in the real world.

Routine Traffic Stop Leads To Tax Fraud And ID Theft Charges

Prosecutors are increasingly focused on tax refund fraud, pursuing cases totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in Florida alone. Tax refund fraud occurs when a person uses a stolen identity to submit false tax returns. It is possible to cash refund checks before the Internal Revenue Service discovers its mistake - but the IRS investigates these cases aggressively.

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