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Guilty Pleas In Stolen Matisse Case

Undercover federal agents arrested two people in a Miami hotel over the summer after the couple tried to sell a stolen Matisse painting. The painting, originally from a Venezuelan museum, is estimated to be worth $3 million. Last week, the couple pleaded guilty in a Miami federal court, admitting to conspiracy charges.

Guilty Plea in $130 Million Ponzi Scheme Prosecution

Prosecutors apparently reached a plea deal in a massive Ponzi scheme investigation. The deal requires the 62-year-old defendant to plead guilty to 18 criminal counts. According to guilty plea, the Ponzi scheme sold high-yield certificates of deposit to 1,200 investors.

Miami Man Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Healthcare Fraud

A federal district court judge sentenced the owner of a Lauderhill healthcare facility to 30 months in prison for his participation in a Medicare kickback scheme. Receiving payments in exchange for Medicare referrals is a form of healthcare fraud.

2 mortgage industry executives plead guilty to fraud

A 38-year-old woman who ran a pair of mortgage title and loan processing companies in Boca Raton pleaded guilty to five counts related to what prosecutors said was a scheme to sell properties in Florida to straw buyers and collect more than the cost of the homes from the lender than was needed. The defendant could be sentenced to up to 140 years in prison, though given her guilty plea, it is possible that she has reached a plea bargain with the federal prosecutors pursuing the case.

Owners of FL health care company plead guilty to Medicare fraud

A person can face serious consequences if they are convicted of Medicare fraud. What specific sentence a person in this circumstance will face can be influenced by a variety of factors. One of these factors is the monetary amount of the fraud the person was convicted of. This can be seen in a recent Medicare fraud case from Florida.

Man pleads guilty to charge related to hidden offshore account

The U.S. government has recently been increasing its efforts to combat tax evasion involving offshore bank accounts. Thus, being accused of hiding an offshore account from the IRS can have severe consequences for a U.S. taxpayer. A taxpayer can face serious penalties if he or she is convicted of committing this type of tax crime.

Guilty plea made by rapper in tax evasion case

Sometimes, tax evasion cases will end with a plea agreement being reached, rather than a trial. These agreements generally involve prosecutors promising some form of leniency, such as a dropping of certain charges or a lower sentence recommendation, in exchange for a suspect submitting a guilty plea. Recently, a plea agreement was reached in a criminal tax case involving a man who has a career as a rapper and an actor.

Guilty plea made by former state worker in tax fraud case

Being accused of tax fraud can have serious consequences. If a person is convicted of this type of crime, he or she can receive a variety of punishments including a prison sentence. This can be seen in the potential penalties a suspect is facing in a tax fraud case from Texas.

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