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Hiring illegal immigrants is a violation of federal law

There are many people with strong feelings on both sides of the immigration issues facing this country. One thing, however, is certain: Employers are in a bad position if they've typically relied on undocumented workers without authorization to work here in the past and continue now to do so.

What are your odds of getting an acquittal in a federal case?

Every defendant in a federal criminal case would like to know what the odds are of an acquittal. Unfortunately, there are no sure bets when you're involved in a criminal case. However, there is information you can use to make decisions about your future.

Immigrants: Think twice before you get a medical marijuana card

Marijuana use is increasingly accepted by both the American medical community and American society -- whether the use is purely for recreational purposes or has its roots in a medical need. The fact that medical and recreational marijuana are gaining legal ground in numerous states is proof of that.

Don't overlook the value of character letters to federal judges

You've been charged with a federal crime (or, more likely, several -- since the prosecutor will probably tack on as many as possible in hopes of gaining an easier conviction). Despite your best efforts and the efforts of your attorneys, you've been convicted and are now facing sentencing.

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