A Seasoned Veteran In Miami’s Medicare Defense Wars

In the whole country, it seems that no area is targeted for prosecution quite like South Florida. More charges, bigger cases, a higher number of convictions. In this frightening environment, you can’t afford “just another” white collar criminal defense lawyer; you need someone with experience and knowledge who can protect your rights.

Attorney Frank Rubino has been fighting these battles for forty years, longer than almost anyone else in the field. He knows the players. He understands how federal prosecutors think. He has come to the rescue of many professionals whose case did not seem promising. He knows how to defend clients in a range of challenging situations.

South Florida is Ground Zero for Medicare fraud cases. With Frank Rubino, you are assured of quality defense by one of the most experienced and effective defense lawyers in this critical area.

No Two Cases Are The Same

In the past, federal prosecutors filed cases against a single offense: ghost billing, or billing for services that were not provided. The list of Medicare fraud crimes has since grown to include services not deemed to have been medically necessary or upcoded.

Other charges include:

  • Billing for equipment that was never received
  • Giving false information to entice someone to sign on with a Medicare plan

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Medical Professionals Are The Usual Target, But Not The Only Target

Normally we think of doctors, nurses, pharmacy owners, clinic operators, medical equipment companies and patient recruiters as the primary targets, and they are. However, sometimes the “little guy” is caught up in the sweep, as well: Secretaries, bookkeepers and office staff.

Because their names appear in the stacks of paperwork the investigators comb through, these bit players are often charged with the crime, even though they may just be data entry people or other innocent office help. It’s especially bad for them, because they are caught in an expensive legal trap.

Q. When should I contact an experienced defense lawyer?

A. The moment you learn you are under investigation.

It Is Way Too Easy To Become A Target Of Investigation

Federal Medicare fraud cases are not investigated, in the usual sense. They are initiated solely on the basis of the paperwork submitted to the government. If the reimbursement numbers seem higher than they should be, you become a suspect. They know nothing about your business, how it works or what your special focus is.

If a surgeon performs more of a certain procedure than other surgeons, he becomes a target. Never mind that he is a specialist, and that is the only type of surgery he does! The feds only know that your numbers are higher than average. On the basis of that, your life and reputation are turned upside down.

South Florida is the eye of the hurricane for Medicare fraud prosecution nationwide. Top defense lawyers here are the most experienced in the country. Frank Rubino is one of the most respected — and most successful.

Attorney Frank Rubino Handles The Big Cases

Frank Rubino handles the big cases: The ones involving hundreds of million of dollars, the ones that make the evening news.

Where many law firms shy away from bigger cases, the law firm of Frank Rubino is not afraid to go up against the major players and defend clients aggressively – and successfully.

The firm limits its caseload to handle only a handful of cases per year. By focusing on a smaller number, Mr. Rubino can give these cases the attention they require. He will choose the right defense, the best expert witnesses and the strategy that will give you the best possible chance of walking away from these charges unscathed.

Effective defense strategies:

  • You did not knowingly do the wrong thing.
  • You were not the person responsible for breaking the law.
  • A coding error triggered the investigation.
  • The prosecution has no idea how your practice works.
  • Your expert witness is more persuasive than the government’s.

Reality Versus Numbers

Most Medicare cases boil down to this: Federal prosecutors have a roomful of documentation showing that you requested a high number of reimbursements. These numbers are the reason you were indicted – because they were above average. But insurance companies and prosecutors know nothing else about your actual practice or business. Their judgment can easily be wrong.

This is where Frank A. Rubino comes in. He spends time talking to you, visiting your place of business, working with experts who understand the actual dimensions of your practice.

While the feds have numbers and paperwork, Frank A. Rubino fights back with reality.

The Side With the Best Experts Usually Wins

Because of his 40 years of experience in Miami white collar criminal defense, Mr. Rubino knows which experts are most likely to provide useful testimony in your case. This knowledge often provides the persuasive edge your case needs.

“I am forbidden by law from promising you a positive result. But I can promise to apply all my experience, my legal knowledge and my good name to protecting your rights.” – Frank A. Rubino

Jury Trial Or Out-Of-Court?

There is no right answer to this question. Depending on the facts of your case — if it can be shown that your actions followed acceptable standards and the prosecution has made a mistake — Mr. Rubino will not hesitate to go to trial.

However, he does not go to a jury lightly. Juries impose much harsher sentences than the government itself. You may not see the defense strategies that Frank Rubino sees. That’s why it’s important to talk with him at your earliest opportunity.

It is important to be practical. If the jury is unlikely to be convinced, then it is best to work out a deal with the prosecution.

“I’m good at what I do. I keep my word. I have a good name in this community. You can always be assured of my best effort for you.” – Frank A. Rubino

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