Securities Fraud

If you are facing investigations or charges involving securities fraud, you are dealing with serious, highly complex charges that require experience and knowledge to defend against. Make sure you have an experienced, successful lawyer on your side to protect your rights.

When the federal government uses its resources to go after you, it is imperative to work with a lawyer who is equipped to successfully fight back. Attorney Frank Rubino knows how to protect your interests in court and he knows how to win. Call 866-718-3994 today.

Frank Rubino a nationally recognized white collar crime defense attorney has the knowledge, skill and experience to excel at even the most high-profile securities fraud defenses. He serves clients across the country from his main office in Miami.

Prepared To Handle Complex, High-Profile Fraud Cases

A large part of Mr. Rubino’s practice is white collar crime defense, including securities fraud cases involving the following:

  • Stock fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Investment fraud
  • Financial adviser fraud
  • Fraudulent/illegitimate business corporations
  • Nondisclosure
  • Manipulation of stock prices (penny stocks)
  • Criminal appeals
  • False reporting or violations in reporting by corporations and auditors
  • Conspiracy to commit securities fraud

Throughout a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Mr. Rubino has excelled at some of the most complex and high-profile fraud cases brought before the federal and international courts. He is perhaps best known for his defense of Manuel Noriega and other high-profile international clients, as well as for his frequent appearances on national television, including recurring appearances on CNN’s Paula Zahn Show.

Mr. Rubino’s law firm represents stockbrokers, investors, executives and entrepreneurs in large-scale federal defenses against securities fraud allegations. When the federal government accuses you of running a ponzi scheme, or when it accuses you of defrauding investors or manipulating stocks, it is crucial that you match its resources with a strong defense.

The Source Of Most Securities Fraud Charges

Many investment losses are the result of the natural fluctuations of the United States securities and commodities markets, but some are also the result of fraud. Distinguishing between these two types of losses, however, can sometimes be problematic. The government works aggressively to discover and prosecute securities fraud, and sometimes they overreach.

Effective Defense For Stockbrokers In Civil Court

Being a stockbroker carries high potential rewards, but also high risks. Brokers are not only subject to the whims of the market, but they are also subject to frequent lawsuits by former clients, brokerage firms and the government. Such charges can ruin a promising career, and only an experienced securities fraud lawyer should be trusted with the defense.

Attorney Rubino also defends individual brokers against brokerages in civil courts. Brokerages frequently hire large civil law firms simply for the perceived prestige of the firm. By drawing on his many years of experience as a securities fraud lawyer, Mr. Rubino is able to successfully defend his clients against the less experienced representatives from the large law firm.

Get The Aggressive Defense You Need And Deserve

Whether you are facing charges for involvement in insider trading or for fraudulently reporting on the assets and liabilities of an illegitimate business, Mr. Rubino has the skill and experience to assist you. Email Frank Rubino or call 866-718-3994 for sophisticated representation in securities fraud cases.

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