What Do You Do?

It is a terrifying experience to be sure: You’re at home living your life and suddenly a group of federal marshals starts knocking on your door, or you see them walking through the yard with guns and handcuffs.

The marshals might be there for you or for someone you care about. Either way, you need to get help FAST. You need to know your rights, to fight to protect yourself and your family aggressively. Attorney Frank Rubino knows how to protect your rights. Call 866-718-3994

What Should You Do?

  • Call an attorney: If you are in the Miami, Florida, area, call attorney Frank Rubino at 866-718-3994. At any rate, make sure you call someone you know has experience with this type of situation.
  • Be polite: Don’t make a lot of sudden movements or seem jittery.
  • Ask for a warrant: If they are going to insist on asking you questions, you have the right to not answer if they don’t have some kind of legal authorization.
  • Answer only the questions you need to: If they are asking for a spouse or other loved one, you can tell them whether he or she is present. If they are asking for you, DO NOT LIE. Lying can make you look more suspicious.

The most important thing is to call immediately. Do not wait until they arrest you and take you into custody. Call as soon as you know they are present.

Contact Attorney Frank A. Rubino

When the Federal Marshals come, it is terrifying. Call a lawyer who knows how to help you. Call 866-718-3994 or email the firm right away.

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