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Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Archives

Addressing Medicaid fraud is a multi-sided problem

Medicaid fraud is a serious problem, because it takes funds away from those who need it most. Medicaid enrollment is monitored, but in some states, double-checking those who are receiving benefits can quickly identify those who are making false claims and save millions of dollars.

An Increase in Federal Scrutiny of Medicaid Fraud in Home Care Could Lead to an Increase in False Arrests

In a recent report released by the Department of Health and Human Services, home health care services have become a vehicle for fraudulent Medicaid claims. The report focused on the Personal Care Services Program, which provides care givers for the disabled and the elderly. These services can be billed to Medicaid and caregivers can range from trained professionals to family members.

Ambulance companies caught in the crosshairs of the Medicare fraud crackdown

ambulance-T.JPGA common target, as federal investigators ramp up their aggressive Medicare fraud efforts, is the ambulance company.

Jerry Sandusky associate pleads guilty to federal tax evasion

Facing federal tax charges in Florida or any other state is obviously a very serious matter. A legal representative of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was recently faced with such issues and has reportedly entered a guilty plea in court. The incident stems from a tax evasion situation that is said to have occurred over the span of four years.

Florida executive arrested for Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

An executive in Florida has been arrested for what federal agents are calling one of the largest fraud schemes in the nation's history. Medicare and Medicaid fraud is apparently problematic in many areas throughout the United States. In this instance, authorities claim to have disbanded a scheme that had profits of more than $1 billion.

Allegations of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud yield 30 arrests

Dozens of people are in custody of Florida police for their alleged involvement in a scheme to defraud Medicare. The investigation was a joint effort between a local police department and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Charges include conspiring to commit racketeering, racketeering and other charges related to Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Business whiz kid linked to white collar crime in Florida

Sometimes, a business owner can go from the top of his or her game to the bottom of the barrel in what seems like no time at all. Lives of glamour, riches and luxury are turned upside down when troubles involving taxes or bankruptcy hit. This seems to be the case for a young man in Florida who graduated from college, then took the state by storm in the business world, but has since been accused of white collar crime.

Florida suspect flees in alleged Medicare and Medicaid fraud case

Many times, after an extensive investigation has taken place, FBI agents will show up at a particular location, unannounced, in order to arrest one or more persons suspected of committing serious crimes. Allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud are typically prosecuted in federal criminal court. Last September, a showdown between agents and various workers at a local dentist office in Florida resulted from one such investigation.

What to do if accused of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Florida

Some people are currently facing criminal charges in Florida that are connected with allegations of white collar crimes. Medicare and Medicaid Fraud are among some of the most common types of offenses listed among this type of crime. A recent incident involves a group of men who are accused of wrongdoing with regard to a certain after-school program with which they were allegedly associated.

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