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What is obstruction of justice?

You value your friends and loyalty, so when you found out that investigators were nosing around your buddy's business and looking for evidence of illegal activity, you tipped your buddy off. Your buddy responded by destroying their computer, setting fire to their financial records and trying to run. Then, the police arrested you for federal obstruction of justice.

Evidence shows that incarceration doesn't work

Florida has been undergoing something of a reformation, at least where its criminal justice system is concerned. Legislative changes have -- for the first time -- reversed the tough-as-nails approach to all drug offenses that the state adopted in the wake of the War on Drugs back in the 1990s. Now, judges will finally have some discretionary power when it comes time to sentence at least some first-time drug offenders.

Florida drug overdoses lead to murder charges

Maybe you share your drugs with a friend who just had a back injury. Maybe you sold a few pills because you just needed to make the bills. Maybe you're just dealing enough to support your own habit. You're careful about who knows what you're doing, and you never engage in the kind of high-quantity deals that attract major investigations.

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