Underage drunk driving charges in Florida

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If underage drunk driving charges have arisen, you could have many questions and a considerable amount of stress. Unfortunately, many young drivers find themselves accused of drunk driving for various reasons, from peer pressure to unfamiliarity with alcohol and even false allegations.

In addition, some drivers do not even realize that a very small amount of alcohol in their system can lead to serious penalties.

Looking at underage DUI penalties

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, drivers under the age of 21 can face various penalties for driving with alcohol in their system, even if their breath alcohol level is under .08. For example, a driver under 21 could face a six-month license suspension if their alcohol level is .02 or greater (or one year if it is their second offense). Furthermore, a driver under 21 who has a blood or breath alcohol level of .05 or greater must complete a substance abuse course and evaluation before their driving privileges become restored.

In fact, law enforcement officials can detain and ask for breath-alcohol tests from drivers under the age of 21 if they believe (with probable cause) that the driver had any alcohol in their system.

Other consequences due to an underage DUI case

Aside from losing your license, an underage DUI could disrupt many other facets of your life. For starters, you could have an overwhelming amount of anxiety, and the allegations could shatter your reputation and relationship with friends and family members. Later in life, your record could come back to haunt you. For example, it could prevent you from securing a particular job.

If you currently face underage DUI charges, you need to immediately take a look at strategies to secure the most favorable outcome in court and protect your future.

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