How should you respond during an investigation?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | White Collar Crime

An investigation at your workplace in Florida might feel threatening and unwarranted. If that investigation involves allegations of criminal conduct, you could feel anxious about the future.

Because white-collar crime has serious consequences, you will want to advocate for your rights. Knowing how to respond during an investigation may help you retain some control of your reputation and career.

Collect information

With the guidance of your legal team, you should immediately begin collecting information of your own. Learn as much as you can about what ultimately started the investigation. Consider your involvement and which evidence you have to preserve your innocence. Keep the information you find secure and organized. Document your experiences from the start of the investigation. Record prior activity including times and dates of your alleged involvement.

Throughout the process, authorities and company management should respect your privacy. According to The Society of Human Resource Management, your employer should prioritize confidentiality.

Stay objective

Despite the investigation, carry yourself with dignity. Keep an objective point of view. Never share details even if cohorts inquire to know more. If you receive attention from television reporters or other sources, refrain from participating in discussions about your involvement.

In the workplace, do your best to focus on your job. Recognize that people may form opinions about you and even judge your credibility and integrity. Despite such treatment, remember that unless legally charged with anything, you remain innocent.

Always rely on the guidance of your legal team. Doing or saying the wrong thing could unintentionally incriminate you. Staying calm, living normally and responding to allegations with dignity might improve the outcome of an investigation.

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