What are the potential defenses for international drug trafficking?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Being caught with illegal substances while crossing an international border has serious consequences. Jail time is a distinct possibility for those who get stopped.

Criminal attorneys try many strategies to secure a dismissal of charges. Research the arguments that might be useful in your defense.

Witness issues

Drug enforcement agencies use sting operations all the time. Often, they happen in combination with a confidential informant. Many witnesses are facing drug charges themselves. Questioning someone receiving a lesser sentence in exchange for testimony is often prudent.

Entrapment issues

An undercover officer might attempt to get someone to buy drugs. When there are high-pressure tactics, that arrest could be illegitimate. An agent must never intimidate a suspect into breaking the law.

Wiretap issues

Drug law enforcers sometimes put equipment that records calls on phones. For this to happen within the letter of the law, they must get a warrant. Not following strict procedures often gets entire cases thrown out.

Evidence issues

Prosecutors must have evidence of illegal substances being present. Enforcement agents perform drug tests in the field and their departments. The tools they use are often unreliable. Challenging the science behind these methods may be wise.

Constitutional issues

Suspects have rights. An arresting officer cannot put someone behind bars without a Miranda warning. Prisoners have to receive legal representation and a speedy trial. Failure in any of these regards might be enough to set someone free.

Attorneys make more than a few types of arguments when disputing drug charges. Become familiar with the ones available before facing a judge.

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