Former Guatemala economy minister changed with money laundering

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Southern Florida is a mixing pot of many influences. It is home to major international airports and ports, resulting in many international ties through tourism and business. Certain connections with the U.S. could spark some concerning allegations for foreigners, especially those in high-powered positions. This could emerge through the individual’s business or political connection with America. Facing criminal allegations that stem from these relationships could evolve into high-level international criminal charges, causing the accused to face serious penalties if convicted.

Money laundering allegations

Based on recent reports, the former Guatemala economy minister was charged by U.S. prosecutors. These charges are based on purported money laundering conspiracy. It was asserted that drug proceeds were taken and converted into bribes to corrupt politicians. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida claims that he laundered around $10 million of money that was unlawfully obtained between 2014 and 2018. Those deemed co-conspirators for these crimes include a drug trafficker, a corrupt politician and a back employee.

Allegedly, he received backpacks, duffle bags and brief cases that were filled with untraceable money purportedly acquired through drug trafficking and corruption. It is further claims that there were at least two Miami companies that helped move this money to South America. These allegations resulted in the former economy minister being charges with the conspiracy to commit money laundering.


Reports suggest that he is considered a fugitive in Guatemala. In his home country, he was accused of money laundering and illegal association. At the beginning of the year, he left office. This meant that he also lost immunity. Based on assertions made by the accused’s father, who is Guatemala’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, these allegations are not based on his son’s performance as an economy minister but rather serve as subtle revenge by drug traffickers with issues with their family.

Defense action

Facing allegations of international crimes is a very serious situation. This could significantly impact the accused personal and professional reputation, making it impossible to lead their normal life. Therefore, it is crucial that one considers defense options. Because the stakes are very high in these matters, they should not be taken lightly. A timely and an aggressive defense could prove extremely valuable.

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