Medicare fraud being investigated locally

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Medicare is complex. As a result, it is heavily regulated by the federal government. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force at the Department of Justice, and the Inspector General of Health and Human Services Office have the entire weight and resources of the federal government to investigate allegations of Medicare fraud. A local Florida man is feeling this weight first hand.

The man faces charges for an alleged $5.6 million Medicare scheme. The Coconut Creek resident now faces charges of conspiracy to commit health-care fraud, wire fraud, making false statements to a financial institution, and payment of health-care kickbacks.

The DOJ claims that the local submitted fraudulent Medicare claims for orthotic braces for patients that did not need or want them. The DOJ alleged that Medicare paid nearly $3 million for the claims.

The DOJ also alleged that he was able to attain over $22,000 in small business loans. He allegedly used $3,000 in kickbacks, and several prescribing doctors told investigators they received kickbacks. According to the court docket, the local is represented by a federal public defender, and he has a July 13 bond hearing.

Many time those who are eventually charged with Medicare fraud have some sense that they are being investigated by the FBI or other federal agency. This is often even before they are indicted or an appearance before a grand jury. It is when one has this sense though that they need to seek legal advice and representation. The weight of the federal government can be fought, but mounting a strong defense early is the key. After all, the accused freedom is at stake.

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