Three men face multi-level charges related to Medicare fraud

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

The federal government frequently conducts inquiries into those who seek payments from Medicare. In some instances, it makes allegations of fraud. This could lead to charges for a physician, those working in some capacity at a medical facility, or individuals accused of being part of an ongoing enterprise related to fraud. For Floridians who are confronted by these charges, a federal conviction can result in massive fines, jail time and other legal consequences. A legal defense is vital from the start.

Three men were indicted for various forms of Medicare fraud. One resides in Florida, one in Louisiana and one in Mississippi. According to prosecutors, the men not only defrauded Medicare, but TRICARE and private insurers as well. They then tried to launder their profits. The billing came to $180 million. The Louisiana man, 56, had worked at a veterans’ home in administration between 2004 and 2013. He was charged in 2016 with theft for stealing from an ill resident.

These recent charges also involved the 54-year-old Florida man and a 41-year-old Mississippi man. They are accused of fraud directed at the federal and private insurers from 2011 to 2016. Of the $180 million allegedly stolen, $50 million were from federal insurers. They are said to have used pharmacies to bill insurers for medications and did so through fraudulent means.

They allegedly sought kickbacks, paid kickbacks and committed bribery with medical professionals, marketers and others to get prescriptions for these medications even though they were not needed to treat patients. Some of the medications were creams; others were controlled substances. To launder the money, they bought vehicles, diamonds, real estate and other high-end items. Several government investigatory units are involved in the case.

While the federal government seems to be a massive entity with substantial options at its disposal to prosecute cases, there are often effective defenses that can lead to reduced charges or outright acquittal. Charges of Medicare fraud are very serious. Although it can be difficult to combat them, there are workable strategies. Before making the situation worse, having legal assistance is essential. A firm with experience in Medicare fraud defense may be able to help.

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